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Deathly Hallows pt. 1

It's 3:30am and I very nearly literally just got back from the midnight release of Deathly Hallows pt. 1. I'mwriting  this now because I don't want to go to sleep while I could be thinking about it. :DDD

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Grah! Everything was just so good! It's definitely my favourite HP movie. Without a doubt. I can't think of anything more to write at the moment, and I should really get some sleep. I may see it again tomorrow (it's good to work in a cinema and get cheap tickets. ^^), so I'll probably come back with more things to add.

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Armageddon was on this weekend. It was pretty standard for a con, really. Got some pretty sweet stuff, though. FLCL is the most notable, I'd say. I'm really only posting because Vic Mignogna was there and I got him to do something cute for me. :33

He's so nice. ^^
Soul and Maka

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Sorry for my absence lately. I've really been kind of out of it.

Anyway, in about an hour, I'll magically be mature enough to handle drinking, voting, marriage, and myriad other things. Amazing how that big a change can happen over the space of one second. Truly. A friend of mine is taking me out clubbing, etc. tomorrow night, so that should be fun. Or... interesting, at least.

I saw Scott Pilgrim the other day. I'd read the first book beforehand, and I was pretty stunned by how close the movie was. I mean, there are shots in the movie that were almost lifted straight out of the book. But I've read more of the books now, and it's not as close in storyline. Still, it's a pretty damn awesome movie. I'd highly recommend it. Inception, too. That was pretty fantastic.

So, yeah. Eighteen. Should be pretty ace. :D
Sakura flail

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I piss myself off so much with the things I do sometimes.

I shouldn't really complain because, you know, I'm the one making the decisions here, but God dammit self, YOU'RE ALMOST AN ADULT. MAYBE IT'S TIME TO START ACTING LIKE ONE.

</ rant >
Sasuke :D

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By tomorrow morning Australia will almost certainly have its first female Prime Minister. :O:D There's going to be a spill in the Labor party, and Julia Gillard's going to come out on top.

Well Kev, what do you expect when you look suspiciously like a cross between the Milky Bar Kid and the Master?

Bye, bye Krudd. It's been nice knowing you. Sort of.
Tamaki FML

Germany 4-0 Australia

Oh, boy. What a humiliating defeat. I don't know what the Socceroos coach was thinking with that line up. I mean, one striker? ONE STRIKER?! And then Cahill got red carded unfairly (because there is no way that red card was deserved), so we had NO strikers. We were playing defensive the entire time, and still got thrashed!

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And okay, FML icon isn't entirely appropriate, but it's the closest I've got to the frustration I'm feeling right at this point.

ETA: Mm, I'm feeling a bit better now, but not as much as I'd hoped. :/